Future of the Three Horseshoes in Burbage

Written by Gary Rawlinson on .

You are correct in saying that any new owner of the Three Horseshoes in Burbage could seek to run the business down and that permission for 'change of use' can be given if it can be shown that the pub is unviable (Wadworths are selling the Three Horseshoes, Jan 8).

However, one would hope that the planning authority would see through any attempt to run a business down deliberately in order to facilitate a 'change of use'.  In addition, people familiar with the Three Horseshoes are of the view that much of the trading difficulties of recent years have been due to mismanagement by the brewery and landlords, rather than structural issues with demand.  

As such, should a new owner seek to apply for 'change of use', there are many people who will seek to challenge this.
Gary Rawlinson