20mph speed limit - what nonsense!

Written by Nigel Kerton on .




What nonsense to even consider applying 20mph limits in Marlborough apart, maybe, by school road crossings where there is no lights controlled crossing.

We cannot police the speed limits we have so why even think about lowering them.

We have cyclists going faster than 20mph on pavements and footpaths on the east of the town and police do nothing about them.

Existing 30mph limits are not enforced.  Frequently vehicles entering the town from the London direction drive past the entrance to St Margarets Mead at much greater speeds.

Cars and vans drive up St Margarets Mead at speeds well in excess of the 30 limit but nothing is done about it.

Perhaps if the town’s two Wiltshire councillors lived on main roads they might appreciate the speeding problem and do something about it.

It might be worth your journalists making a Freedom of Information request to Wiltshire police to see how many tickets for exceeding 20mph limits in other towns in the county were issued over the last 12 months.

Similarly how many people have been booked by WC’s enforcement officers (formerly “traffic wardens”) for littering or permitting dogs to foul public places.

There is no point in having laws, rules and regulations if they are not enforced.

Recent and ongoing roadworks have kept traffic stationary for much of the time so lower speed limits would be academic even they did salve the souls of our growing number of outspoken know-alls!



Nigel Kerton

a Marlborough resident of 50 years