In support of the 20mph proposals for Marlborough

Written by Jayne Drew and Jill Turner on .



Further to recent letters supporting the introduction of a 20 mph zone in Marlborough, including those from Dr Sam Page, (1 March  2018) and Jane Davies (12 March 2018) we are writing from Lockeridge to support the proposal.

We were successful in obtaining Wiltshire Council agreement to the introduction of our 20mph zone in 2017 following a fatal accident in the village which in turn led to a local campaign to reduce the speed limit. Higher traffic speeds are directly related to higher collision rates resulting in more severe injuries and fatalities.  Drivers have less time to think and to take avoiding action at higher speeds and the stopping distances are greater thereby increasing the risk of accidents.  The World Health Organisation states that a 5% reduction in average speed results in a 30% reduction in fatal crashes.

Dr Page also highlights the guidance from NICE in 2017 which promotes speed reductions in order to improve air quality;  another important local issue for Marlborough as the volume of traffic increases.  Poor air quality is a major contributor to ill health in the UK as noted by the recent All Party Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee report on ‘Improving air quality’.  The two issues of safety and air quality are of particular significant concern for their potential impact on children and young people.

As Marlborough continues to grow in size and the local roads become increasingly congested, it is important to address the associated issues including those of transport and air quality as soon as possible.




Jayne  Drew and Jill Turner