Oxenwood and Braeside closures - 'sneaky' Wiltshire Council

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I thought only national politicians partake in underhand behaviour - trying to fool the newspapers and deceive voters.

I've just been told that Wiltshire Council put out the news of the closure and sale of two nearby and much-loved outdoor education centres rather sneakily - to say the least.   They did it on the Thursday after school ended for the Easter break.  They hoped to avoid publicity and controversy - they play too clever by half and have been caught out.  

Does the Council's right hand know what the other's doing?  Don't they keep on telling us to get out into the fresh air, be active and take exercise?  Just what these centres teach school kids.

Well done to Lucy Gomes and her petition.  Badly done to Wiltshire Council.

And you keep up exposing what they're up to - please.




Name withheld - but known to Editors