Marlborough Recycling Centre: Garden Waste disposal issues

Written by Victoria Connor on .



I took some garden waste to the recycling centre today (Friday 24 Sept).  The bag was a fair size but not unmanageable and the content was not heavy.  I found it difficult to hold the bag in one hand whilst holding on to the rail for safety whilst climbing the stairs. 


I managed to lift the bag to start emptying it but somehow it moved sideways and tipped me over onto the stairs, the bag landing on top of me.   I managed to stop myself from toppling all the way down the stairs with my hands, but ended up face down, damaging a finger and just below my knees with scrapes and bruising.  I screamed but people kept on unloading.  A member of staff came to my assistance. 


It appears that staff are not aware of a reporting system for such accidents.  They were very kind to me and found the necessary an online reporting site.  There is no first aider.

The previous system with just two steps was a far better, easier and safer - can we get back to that?  I fear there will be more accidents if the current system continues.


V Connor