Comment on St Mary's Hustings

Written by Mike Bishop on .

It was sad that the Conservative candidate was not able to agree that we have an urgent climate crisis - despite a Climate Emergency having been declared.

As the world suffers extreme storms, floods and fires, the scientific world warns of CO2 levels over 400ppm and imminent ‘tipping points’ likely to cause life changing sea level rises, he still has faith in markets and technology saving us.

Tech is of course part of the response, but we need a much larger vision.

All the other parties acknowledge the threat and are, at least , producing Green programmes, admitting the huge size of the challenge, and the costs required to address it. Taxes and borrowing will need to rise, and all our life styles will be modified, but the gain could be millions of clean jobs and an environment which is healthier and, I would argue, fit for our children and grandchildren to live in!

Surely that is worth doing ‘in the public interest’ - as all politicians are fond of trotting out on all sorts of matters.  What is needed is truth, trust and political will - now.

An answer is there (oven ready indeed!) in The New Green Deal which sets out the losses, the gains and the major economic system changes needed.

The gain would bring a cleaner, more just, more sustainable world (not perfect because of damage already done which cannot be reversed), and the pain over the loss of continued material growth must be worth it in the protection of species, not least our own, the avoidance of mass population movement and global social unrest, in a world to live in more peaceably.

Growth in Quality of life, not perpetual Growth in Quantity!

Actually The Green Party get this, and a large increase in their vote would pass a potent message to what I suspect will be a hung Parliament.  A small increase in the number of MPs in minority parties can have huge influence, as the DUP and SNP are showing for their own purposes, and as Caroline Lucas makes clear in respect, integrity and leadership every time she speaks.

A Green vote now just might make the difference and a significant change of direction for the better.  Roll on proportional representation!  Yours in hope.  
Mike Bishop,
West Overton